Beautiful Bali

It was the perfect combination of West vs Asia Pacifica. It was the first time in a year that I enjoyed vegan food, quality coffee and surfing. It was uncanny how many travel bloggers I saw with cameras strapped to their bodies or boyfriends following them around… but it was also the first time I […]

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Thailand in 8 Days

It’s taken me a couple of months to write about my trip to Thailand because I needed some time to process my experience. Eight days in Thailand, solo and with a friend, was everything this Canadian girl imagined a tropical paradise could look like. Thailand is an oasis for foreigners around the world – a truly […]

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Northern Vietnam

In this blog post, I’ll start you off with an epic personal story, and then set you up with facts and observations, for those of you wanting to travel to Hanoi in the near future.

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Fragile Bird

In the West Bank/Palestine, there was this beautiful church, it was my favourite church of the whole trip. That’s pretty significant since it is the Holy Land and every place Jesus did something cool, a church full of shiny things and crucifixes was erected directly on that spot. That’s exactly why I loved this church, […]

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