In the past 7 days, I returned from my small ocean-community-bubble, moved my boxes in, unpacked boxes, saw friends, avoided friends, answered e-mails, unpacked boxes, avoided e-mails, started work, started classes and dropped classes. If we took the sum of the activities of the week and divided it by its parts, together the average would […]

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Couch Education: Omar

The film Omar was nominated for an Academy Award this year. It’s an amazing story that goes far beyond a good old fashioned love story. I watched it before I left for Israel and the West Bank/Palestine and didn’t understand a few things that I do now (and sometimes wish I didn’t). It is a […]

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Fragile Bird

In the West Bank/Palestine, there was this beautiful church, it was my favourite church of the whole trip. That’s pretty significant since it is the Holy Land and every place Jesus did something cool, a church full of shiny things and crucifixes was erected directly on that spot. That’s exactly why I loved this church, […]

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Taste: Two words: fresh and ripe. Let me list the number of fruits and veggies that I saw growing locally in the country: bananas, mangoes, cactus fruit, oranges, lemons, limes, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, figs, pomegranates, cherries, apricots (mish mish in Arabic haha), peaches, nectarines, grapes galore, dates (that come from date palm trees!!), watermelon, canteloupe […]

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