Updates from Stoke Street

In Short:
I’m still alive and it’s now been a month since I’ve arrived in New Zealand!

In Long:
I’ve been doing some more small adventures around the Christchurch area in the last couple of weeks.


Unfortunately, the pigeons that shared the ledge below my window lost both their babies this week – on the same day.
It was actually a bit of a kefuffel. I didn’t want dead birds to rot right outside my window and eventually we got my flatmates with the longest arms to remove them.
Penelope and Peter, the parents, haven’t been around since we removed the dead babies.. not really sure how to feel in this situation. Here’s the last remaining photo of the babies when alive:

In other news, I spent the weekend with cool people at the Navs Social Camp. We stayed about 30 mins out of Chch and played heaps of games and ate way too many sweets.
We studied the Bible together and emphasis was placed on what the community could look like as we got to know each other better.
On Saturday we went to Castle Hill, the location they filmed the fighting scene in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
I ended up getting a migraine while we were out there and got a ride back and went straight to bed. It didn’t last that long/I had FOMO so I had to join the group despite a throbbing head.

Surf’s Up

I’ve continuously been meeting people and building relationships with the people I met on day one.
The most exciting thing for me right now is that I’ve been surfing about twice a week, if I can manage it before or after classes.
It takes me an hour to get out to the beach and an hour to get back, but it’s so worth it. Plus that commuting time is nothing new after living in Vancouver.
I’m actually nervous to post about surfing on here because people may think that I’m going to be a pro by the time I get home – I’ve got a loooong way to go!

– I’ve been blessed with a borrowed surfboard
– I’ve made a surf friend that’s letting me store it in Sumner, along with the wetsuit I brought from home
– The road he lives on is called Stoke St. – it’s one block away from the beach.
Stoke St.
– I’ve been humbled by the Kiwi surfers and their mad, mad skills – it’s like some of them learned how to surf before they learned how to crawl.
– I’ve learned that surfing a couple of times a year in Tofino isn’t enough to maintain the muscle endurance needed to surf on the outside.
– I’ve been creating little goals for myself each session and just enjoying the ability to play in the waves by myself
– I think I need to start writing poetry actually -that’s how embarrassingly joyful it makes me.
-Surfing in rain is the most epic feeling
– The sea here is an average of 15.3 degrees and probably about 16/17 degrees now in early Autumn. Tofino’s average is 8.3 Celsius.
– That neoprene smell still smells so damn good – pretty sure my heart rate actually elevates when I walk into surf shops and smell it because I’ve associated that smell with good times (that’s science right?)
– The class I usually have after a surf sesh is forestry. Makes for one chill-ass day.


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