J Chillin in Chch

Uni is hectic and I have very little money in the bank, so I’ve been just chillin in Christchurch and making the best of my time here.
My flatty Chris and I woke up super early to catch the sunrise over the Port Hills.

Some of us also drove out to a river bed and had a fire and roasted some shmallows over it.

I’ve been frothing so hard to surf, and I’ve been able to quite a bit (on wee baby waves).
It’s term 2 here now, and one of my classes ended (with a big research paper) so I only 3 classes now and no labs. That means no school on Monday and no class until 11 on all days of week.
Pretty cruisey, eh. For now.
Skating and surfing and enjoying Autumn sunshine!

The sun sets around 5:30 pm now, so this weekend (May 8-10) I was in Sumner for all three sunsets. Hoping to earn some kind of Honorary Sumner Local badge by the time I leave.

Chris, Prabh and I woke up early again to see the sunrise (and will hopefully do this every monday #ambitiousmondays). We went to Taylor’s Mistake this time and walked along the cliffs.

Giant squid washed up in Kaikoura:

Vancouver Vegans doing their thing:

Air NZ killin it again with an epic airline safety video. LOTR and now surfing.

Massive bonfire on Chris grandparents’ farm. Good times and good people.


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