Epic Aoraki

Aoraki! or Mt. Cook – pics so epic they needed a page of their own.
I finally dragged myself away from saltwater and saw some real mountains!

Maya, John and I – three canucks from BC – rented a relocation car that needed to get back to Queenstown. (Cost $2 – no joke (plus gas at around $2.11/L lolzy))

We headed for Aoraki on Friday afternoon and stopped at Lake Tekapo for some snaps.

About an hours drive later, we arrived to Aoraki/Mt. Cook National Park while the sun was setting behind the peaks.

Settle in folks.


We set up our tent under what we thought was the protection of some large fir trees.

We cooked up a yummy lentil dish and settled in.
As you can see, no clouds. Meaning the stars were e p i c.

Meaning also, that the temperature was a tad brisk. I think it dropped to -4˚C while we attempted to sleep.

Before the attempted sleep though, Maya and John were out for a round two stargaze when they awoke me from my slumber yelling my name.
From what I understood, they were freaking out because there was a possum coming towards them and they didn’t have a headlamp to get back quickly.
I was not feeling altruistic with ice blocks for feet, so I just asked some questions and let them suss it out – I am a good friend.
Suddenly I hear some crazy noises and stomping and then the two of them jumped in the tent and said it was actually a big black duck, and that it wasn’t afraid of them.
John got out of the tent all we heard was “Hey there’s the duck! Now listen here, ya duck..”
He said he lit a match at it and it just stared back at him unafraid. He was so close he could’ve kicked it apparently. From then on, we knew it was pure evil.
We named the duck Flappy D.
(D for Duck you pervs)
For the next 30 mins or so, Flappy D was outside of our tent making horrible noises and trying to get into our tent by shaking the tent fly. It was a scary and disturbing altercation – but provided good banter in the morning.
And probably the rest of our lives.

Right, the morning…

Settle in once again folks.

We made an epic breaky.

After breaky we headed off for Hooker Lake.

and then we broke away from the mountain shadows and into the sunshine!

Epic’ is the word the three of us have used the most to describe the feeling of being in that valley.

Also check this out: Morning sun vs. afternoon sun – same valley view.

We left Mt Cook feeling so so so blessed and joyful. All of our senses were tingling – and not just because our toes were thawing out. We sang so many songs that morning and the tunes on the drive were always choice.

We set off to Queenstown where we spent the evening chillin, eating at Furg Bakery and the Cookie Bar. I didn’t take any pics, but we didn’t see much, mostly because it was pretty much exactly like Banff or Whistler – you need money for all the cool adventure tours and a snowboard/skis to really take advantage of what’s going on. Unsurprisingly, there’s even a Louis Vuitton in the little town.
The mountains around the lake look so similar to Okanagan mountains, and there was even a patch of trees along the water that looked like Stanley Park.

It was bizarre for me, but ultimately, so beautiful.
Mountains make anything look epic.

We hit the hay early in the Subaru – had terrible sleeps – but woke up feeling good and ready to hit the road back home. I took the bus because I gotta use up my passes, and Maya and John thumbed it back.


Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.
– Kurt Vonnegut

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