Dunedin: In 26 Sweet Hours

Dunedin, a small university town 5-hours drive South of Christchurch,
was diddly diddly dope.
It was rainy and green and I loved it.
Dunedin is what Chch would’ve been like pre-quake. It had some really awesome old buildings and a city that was thriving, well into the night.
I arrived at 2pm, after a great 6 hour bus ride throught the country side. I saw farms of cows, pigs, llamas, deer and of course, heaps of sheep.
Gloria, a student at Otago, met me outside the uni campus when we arrived. My aunt from Prince George connected me to her but I had never met her before. Cheers to instant friends!
She introduced me to another Canadian who then drove us out to the peninsula, where we saw more farm land and the beach.
The waves in Dunedin are pretty epic compared to Chch since they don’t have a peninsula blocking the waves from the open ocean.

The seaweed on this side of the world is awesome! There’s a lot of similar species, like Giant Kelp – but tons of other weird and awesome stuff.

Lots of animals.

That night, we went for dinner at Velvet Burger.
I regret not taking a photo of my veggie burger. If the veg menu is good, then the meat menu would be even better!
For dessert we went to a restaurant called Nova and ordered doughnuts that we could fill on our own. I ordered white chocolate pistachio and got to inject it with a syringe. It was so big and sweet that I had a headache and a serious stomach ache.

I stayed in the student flats on Castle St N.
If you’re from NZ, you probably know that street name.
Students that live there are pretty badass – for lack of a better word.
Castle St. is infamous for burning couches and for broken glass.
There’s a massive fine if you break bottles in NZ. They don’t return bottles for money like we do in Canada, so no one really cares if they break them. That means that the whole No Shoes thing isn’t possible around that area.
I think they burn couches every Thursday and Saturday night, and the fire brigade actually has to come and put it out every time (not that it’s that big of a fire). I missed the actually burning couch but I did see the firefighters putting it out.
I met a lot of people, including 2 dudes that had unreal voices – in from Samoa and one from Cali. We ended up 3-part harmonizing for a while outside while others danced indoors. I tried a Scrumpy cider – a brand of cider here in NZ with an amazing name – and stayed up til 3am watching Castaway on a blow up mattress with some cool new friends.

In the morning, Gloria showed me the botanical gardens and we caught up on life as if we’d known each other forever.

We walked over to Baldwin St., which is known to be the steepest street in the world. It was pretty flippin steep, let me tell ya. Unfortunately, in past years, some young people have gone down it in a wheely bins (what they call a garbage can with wheels) and one person actually died.

Buses cost even more than they do in Chch, so students walks everywhere, or finds someone with a car.
We walked over to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. As a recovering sugar addict, we played it as safe as possible in a chocolate factory and only went to the cafe.
The cafe makes drinks based on flavours of chocolate bars. I had a Coconut Rough Mocha, and Gloria had a Caramel Hot Chocolate with Crunchie bits on the side.

My short visit ended around 6pm when I was kindly dropped off at the ice hockey rink for a ride out of town, but I managed to capture a few more shots.
(Non-judgemental) Observations via photos:

Thanks for having me Gloria! Come visit Chch, it rains less 🙂

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