Couch Education: Omar

The film Omar was nominated for an Academy Award this year. It’s an amazing story that goes far beyond a good old fashioned love story. I watched it before I left for Israel and the West Bank/Palestine and didn’t understand a few things that I do now (and sometimes wish I didn’t). It is a […]

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جميلة يسوع

This is the prettiest Arabic song ever. She’s singing ‘jamil Yasu’u,’ beautiful Jesus. All the worship music here has an a style that classifies it as Middle Eastern, but it’s hard to describe what gives it that sound. The singing and choice of instruments makes such a different and beautiful 90s style combo. ترنيمة فيك […]

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I made a video for my baby sister who has been living in South America for the last 7 months. I shot my family in the house we’ve lived in since we were born, doing goofy and beautiful things. I miss her dearly and know that she has grown up a lot since she’s been […]

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