Teaching in South Korea

As a fresh young uni graduate, I’m moving across the world to teach English to Korean students, as a Guest English Teacher (GET), in a public school setting.
The program is called EPIK – English Program in Korea.


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.24.20 AM

So far I’ve observed Korean to be like this:
Q: Where going?
A: karaoke bar going.

Q: What drinking?
A: Soju drinking (lots of soju drinking…)

Q: What eating?
A: Kimchi (for days) eating

You get it.

I’m moving to Ulsan, Korea, to try and teach my native language.
Here’s the little I know about my city:
-Where Hyundai is built
– factories
– industries
– factories
– port
– ocean (rocky and sandy beaches)
– mountains
– American military base

Did I have any idea I’d be moving to Korea? No.
Drive a tour bus of 24 people around the GVA for a summer? No.
Buy a blazer and slacks for an adult job in a different culture? No…
Become extremely addicted to coffee? Predictable, but alas, no.

I’ve packed an ample amount of Reese’s pieces, maple candies and photos of my friends and family. I’m also equipped with my hiking boots and wetsuit.
I’m excited and terrified!

Thoughts, vibes and prayers are most appreciated at this time.