I’m Sarah from Canada
(meaning you probably think I say the title of this page funny).

My current habitat is Ulsan, South Korea, where I’m an elementary school English teacher. My native habitat is Kelowna, BC, but I have been transplanted to Vancouver, where I plan to continue growing.

This blog is a Thought Project: a place where I can share my reflections, blemishes and blessings. It has no common theme, other than being my own.

The many lenses I see and write with (voluntarily and involuntarily):
Jesus lover, tree hugger, feminist, European settler, fresh air addict, West Coast Canadian, Kinesiologist, travel bug victim

Check out my other blog, where I get annoyingly passionate and attempt to change your consumer habits to benefit our planet. You’ll hate it and love it.

I am honoured to share the
words in my head
and the photos I’ve taken
with you


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