Shoreline Garbage: Educate yourself

It’s official, I’m currently in my last semester of my undergrad at the University of British Columbia.
I’m taking a full course load, working as a fitness instructor and volunteering part-time at the Institute of Oceans and Fisheries at UBC.
Things are hectic, but the good kind of hectic.

As a part of my favourite biology class, Ocean Conservation and Sustainability, I’ve had to write a blog post about a current issue.

Please check it out and tell me how you’re going to make changes in your own life!

It reflects my opinion but is supported by reliable resources.

Check it out here.

And check out this retweet from The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup themselves:

Check out this rad retweet from the GCS people themselves!
Check out this rad retweet from the GCS people themselves!

5 thoughts on “Shoreline Garbage: Educate yourself

  1. Hi Sarah, I think this is a very honest and necessary project. This “Plastik”, as we say in Germany, is a very big problem. There must be extensive carpets of this plastic in the wide oceans. This “Plastiktüten” , sagte we Germans say have TO be forbidden by law. Same with this plastic bottles.
    Good luck for your project.
    There are a lot and good informations on you blogg. Good mixture of different typs of presentation.

    Until Sooners and best wishes from
    Carlos and Karin from Ratekau, Baltic Sea, Gernany

    1. Hi Carlos and Karin!
      I agree, it needs to be made into legistlation to bad this. They are already banning mircobeads in some countries (the little plastic beads in cosmetics). I hope it continues. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hey Sarah,
    It’s a good and very honest project. “Plastikmüll” – aus we say in German – really is a very big problem, especially in the oceans. Karin and me try to use as less plastic as wie can. Good luck for your blogg. The informations are very interesting and the wide range of presentation types great. Thank you and best wishes from
    Carlos and Karin, Ratekau, Baltic Sea, Germany

  3. Sarah,
    I’ve been following your work for a few months now, so glad to see another post! I am usually good about using reusable containers for food/water, but recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been leaving my coffee tumbler at home and using the disposable cups. Thank you for nudging me back in the right direction! Hope all is well with you!

    1. Hi Farzana, I am so honoured that you’ve been following along!
      I appreciate that you’re making an effort in your own life to reduce garbage – you’re making a difference! Plus your feedback is SO encouraging. Thank you!

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