New Zealand Bound

It’s time to leave for another adventure! Which means this blog will be used for travel stories and communication, as well as personal rants and lessons learned.

Please Note: From now on, all my posts about New Zealand will be under the “Kiwi Exchange” Page under the heading photo (In between About and Photography)

Since I left Vancouver in early January, I’ve been busy, but not the busy I’m used to. Like most times I return to Kelowna, I’ve had to find things to do to fill my time and bank account:
– I worked as an overnight caregiver to a woman who’s 101 years old
– learned how to snowboard on $10 Friday nights at Big White with my sister
– Volunteered at the Gospel Mission
– Caught up with friends (hiking, fitness classes, movies, coffees, lunches etc.)
– Celebrated my dad’s birthday
– Had a friend visit for a weekend
– we toured the Okanagan
– Read two books and painted
– Attended a church with a vibrant community

It’s had it’s ups and downs, but I’ve been provided for in beautiful ways. I have also discovered some amazing local adventures to do in Kelowna, for those who want to come stay with me in July or August. The Okanagan is a playground!

I’m really excited about a painting I just finished and I thought it would be good to share with others. (See photo below)

The painting is a pair of hands, held over the Earth. The hands are mostly bone, with a little flesh on the right hand.

I didn’t intend the hands to be death-like, but simply what they are – bones. I am human, flesh and bone, and will remain that way until I die.

[Disclaimer: I believe in God.]

The thing I’m discovering is that I can be more than flesh and bone with God in my life. I also wanted to point out that Jesus himself may have looked into his hands in the same way when he once walked the Earth. He was once human and bone, just like me.
It’s a crazy realization. I believe in a God who reduced himself to brittle bones and tired flesh. But it’s such a relief to know that I am well understood, with all my human messes and disasters.

The hands are held in a posture of self reflection and a posture of receiving. This is the posture that I want to have when I land after a 14 hour flight in Christchurch, on February 14th.

As I go off to a country where no one knows me, I can be whoever I want to be. In a posture of self reflection, I want to remember who I am and where I’ve been and go from there. And in a posture of receiving, I cannot wait to see the things God wants to show me about his planet. I painted the Earth because it’s exactly what I have been given to explore. But it’s also the same Earth that God reigns over and I want to remember that.

A detail that would be overlooked, is that the part of the Earth I chose to paint is actually the Pacific Ocean. I am embarking from the Pacific Northwest and ending up in the South East Pacific. Two completely opposite hemispheres, but the same salty waters.

With Human Hands
With Human Hands
Kelowna, BC, from Knox Mountain
Kelowna, BC, from Knox Mountain

2 thoughts on “New Zealand Bound

    1. Ahh SS!!
      I’m so happy just to have you read them. I’d love to skype you when I’m away. I’m in the airport right now! Talk to you soon 🙂

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