Chasing Freedom

One my good friends drives a VW Westfalia van.
Last semester when things felt grey and foggy, he’d pick me up and we’d go to the ocean.
He even convinced me to go to 33 Acres Brewery and have a taco from the Tacofino truck as a study break.

He’s been teaching me that possessions can be more valuable than the actual object itself.
Yes, it’s car with a motor, axes, wheels etc, but the the actual fact that he owns one has opened the door to a community of beautiful like-minded people.

His van is more about the community and the attitude than the drive itself.
(She drives beautifully though, don’t worry man)

I’ve been reminded a lot recently about how we’ve been taught to believe life is about ‘arriving’ somewhere – a destination.
Degree, career, marriage, kids etc. – and how when you actually attain them, you realize that 100% satisfaction was never guaranteed.
I know I’m young and haven’t ‘achieved’ much yet, but it’s important for me to start learning before I waste my time and energy chasing emptiness.

This quote Ian shared from a Cyrus Sutton movie is a beautiful example of the dreams we chase, but never seem to satisfy us.

“Many seek me here in their versions of paradise, but the truth is, I am nothing but a choice.
I say these words not to end your search, but to end your hunger. For the explorer who’s heart is hungry finds little but the cage he seeks to leave behind.
While one who walks a road for it’s gifts of footsteps discovers an unwavering fullness that requires no destination.
Trust that you are always exactly where you need to be and you will realize that I do not exist.”

– Freedom

Photograph taken by Ian Hall with an Olympus OM10

Thanks for reminding me to take a step back from the relentless hustle and breathe, my friend.

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