Summarizing Septober 2014

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These photos represent what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months. It’s now almost November, which means it’s more than halfway through the term. (???!!?!?!)
I have no idea how that happened so quickly. It feels like I’ve been sitting on my laptop planning out life more than enjoying life.

Septober Summary:
– While the sun was still hot and the skies were not grey, I went on an incredible hike in Garibaldi Park with Haley and two new friends. We scrambled up to the very top of Black Tusk, a feat that only took us about 4 hours to get to. We hiked 34 kilometers in a single day. I don’t think I have ever done that in my life – my muscles hated me but my will was strong.

– Created a familiar place for myself – framed my herbarium collection and hung up pictures of some friends and my experience in Israel/Palestine using an old net I found on the beach.

– I’m currently taking a class called Structure and Reproduction of Fungi. It’s opened my eyes to how incredibly unknown the fifth taxonomic kingdom is. There are so many species that we have no idea exist, or existed. I picked mushrooms and am going on a mushroom field trip soon.

– I shared some stories from Israel and Palestine at an IVCF event called Stories and Art that Inspire – it was so nice to put sentiments into words. In the process I discovered how hopeless I feel for the country sometimes and how that’s valid. I just have to remember that God is the one who’s breaking down those walls, and not me.

– I have been taking on clients with my Personal Training cert, which has been exciting and scary. It’s cool to see that I actually learned something with my four year degree and that I can help people with the knowledge I have.

– I can read and write Classical Arabic! Okay, as long as there are diacritical marks… and  I don’t understand the meaning of the words but it still feels like such an accomplishment. It’s a door that God has opened and I’ve chosen to walk straight in.

– Planning and completing applications in order to go on exchange next semester – I even met someone going to the same school as me and someone who has come here on exchange from the same place.
I still don’t tell many people in case something bad happens and I can’t go, but uh, I’m going to New Zealand!

– Helping my friend invite the right people to a small event to watch Omar and talk about the conflict in Israel and Palestine this November. This will be something I will treasure – a chance to share stories, experience and knowledge.

– Trying a Sustainatarian diet – a plant-based diet that incorporates meat only when it is sustainably grown/fed/harvested. (Sustainatarian isn’t really a word) It’s been going well. I’m not picky when it comes to food others have made, only when I’m buying it myself.

– I realized that a bachelors in Kinesiology, minoring in Biology is exactly where I think I am best suited. I love so many things, but I think the combination of exercise and nature is pretty cool and something I really enjoy.

Things that I would like to do more often (perhaps it’s overambitious):
– take pictures of nature and small things – especially after it has rained
-paint paint acrylic paint
-read the bible with my morning coffee
-memorize the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song
-stop watching so much fresh prince
-go to the beach and look for any sign of life – whether it’s macroalgae or crustaceans
-forest walks with a field guide to identify species
-put my phone down once in a while and stop checking it every 5 seconds
-log off facebook for more than a day
-stop swearing like I live in the boonies where nobody gives two shits

2 thoughts on “Summarizing Septober 2014

  1. I met two girls from New Zealand at a hostel I’m staying at today!! You are going to love it there so much! ❤ Keep updating your blog!!

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