I’m back safely in Vancouver after being awake for 30 hours and enduring the longest Friday of my life as we crossed an incredible number of international date lines. It is now 6am and the lag of the jet has asked me to begin my day, so I’ll blog while I lie in bed. In Israel,  as we debriefed, we were told not to really make statements about what we’ve learned yet, because we’re gonna need a while to process it all. That’s very true. I was in the country, that is actually a bit smaller than Vancouver Island, for 4 weeks, and we never actually stayed in one place for more three days. I stayed in 9 different homes or hotels. Needless to say,  lying in my bed in a quiet house is very strange and lonely.
Because we were foreigners, we recognized the Canadian stereotypes that were actually true about us. I actually do say “eh” a lot, and the first thing we happened to get when we came back to Canada, was Tim Hortons. Everything is different here. I reread some of my posts about Israel/Palestine and I had so much pride going in. I didn’t even realize it. A really smart and brave Messianic Jewish believer spent a few days with us, and I’ll never forget what she said. She said “spend a week in Israel; you can write a book, spend a month; you can write an article, spend a year; you have nothing to say.”
Preach! You think you know so much about the conflict, and then you get there and your world is rocked. Luckily, we never knew what we were doing there. Literally never. Everything was spontaneous, which was totally awesome but sometimes stressful. It gave us SO much room to trust God, and really listen to what the heck we were supposed to do. We were there to do just that, listen.
So much more to add to this post later.  Right now I need to run off the hummus and pita.

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